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Beauty & Functionality Adds Value to Your Wisconsin Home

Rosenow Custom Roofing & Repairs specializes in Wisconsin window and door replacement, in addition to roofing and siding. Every window is designed to fit your home, so you are sure to find the perfect windows and doors to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget. Avoid problems from DIY or other non-professional installations, such as leaking, drafts or condensation, and let our team of professionals help.

We’re proud to offer Rosenow Custom replacement windows made by Norandex. These durable, low maintenance and high energy efficiency windows feature Low-E glass and the Warm-Edge Insulated Glass Sealant System that meets or exceeds the highest energy standards. These windows help ensure a more comfortable, consistent temperature in your home, as well as provide you with lower energy costs for years to come.

Every window undergoes rigorous quality control measures to make sure you’re getting the highest craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. When you’re looking for the perfect window or door replacement for your Wisconsin home, trust the Rosenow Custom family and their unmatched quality installation.

Whether you are replacing your windows to enjoy more of the picturesque view that Door County has to offer, or increase the energy efficiency in your Appleton home, call your local experts at Rosenow Custom today for the most trusted and reliable replacement windows in Wisconsin!

Wisconsin Window & Door Replacement

Rosenow Custom Roofing & Repairs offers a wide range of replacement window and door colors, styles, and sizes. We’re sure to have the perfect replacement windows and doors to fit the style and budget you are looking for. Here are the main styles we have to offer:

  • Double hung windows: For classic, beautiful replacement windows, consider Rosenow Custom double hung windows. Double hung windows offer a timeless appeal with vertical operation. They are easy to operate and maintain since they can be cleaned inside and out from the interior of your Wisconsin home. Sliding open from the bottom or top, you and your family can enjoy every season Wisconsin has to offer.
  • Sliding windows: Two or three section sliders offer an alternative to fit your home’s space and needs. Sliding windows provide a wonderful source of natural light making them a great option for recreation rooms, kitchens, family rooms, and bedrooms.
  • Bow or bay windows: If you are looking to make a room appear larger and more spacious, or just looking for a one-of-a-kind look, bow and bay windows would be the perfect option for you. No matter what room they are in, these windows make a statement, and they add additional room for décor or seating. Bay and bow windows are easily customizable and can accent nearly any room in your home.

  • Awning and casement windows: These crank style windows are perfect for providing maximum air ventilation or just a touch of airflow. Whether you are looking for windows that crank up and out, or from left or right, Rosenow Custom awning and casement windows are designed with your Wisconsin home in mind.
  • Garden windows: Not only does a garden window offer a unique look and feel to any space, but they also include a small shelf area that can be used for plants or other items.
  • Hopper windows: A tilt-in window that is often used in basement applications. Hopper windows are a functional option for adding ventilation or light in a lower level while saving space.
  • Sliding doors: Made mostly of glass, sliding doors offer beauty and durability. They are virtually maintenance free and available in a wide range of options and colors.

For more information on any of these styles, please contact our Wisconsin team. We’ll be happy to arrange for a FREE estimate.

Additional Window Options

Not only do we offer a great selection of replacement windows at Rosenow Custom Roofing & Repairs, but we also provide you with a great selection of colors and options for customization. We’re happy to walk you through our replacement window options and make suggestions for you based on the style of your Appleton home.

Windows can have a large impact on the overall look of your home. Although Rosenow Custom replacement windows serve a practical function, customizing windows through color and other decorative choices can add a lot of curb appeal. Please contact one of our experts today for a FREE estimate!

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